At Quore we offer a gastronomy particularly oriented to the recipes of the Marche and Italian tradition. The recovery and maintenance of recipes, the study and research of expert techniques and raw materials of absolute quality in the development of our products, using innovative technologies.

Some of the traditional examples are Vincisgrassi, Rabbit in Potacchio, Chicken Galantine or Gnocchetti di Crema.

Or else and following to the letter with respect and passion the ancient local recipes, we offer Stoccafisso all’Anconitana, Moscioli di Portonovo (Slow Food Presidium) and the very tasty Bombetti and Crocette in Porchetta.

Just as we revisit at the tip of reasoned and innovative gastronomic passion, we offer among numerous preparations the Olive Ascolane di Pesce and Arancini di Polpo.

For our productions we choose and process raw materials of excellence, maintaining and enhancing their unique characterization.


Handmade Pasta

At Quore we make some timeless recipes for ready-made sauces from the Italian regional culinary tradition.

Passatelli, Gnocchi, Chitarrine, Tagliatelle, Strozzapreti and Cappelletti are the main processes to which we devote care and attention, from the quality of the selected raw materials to guaranteeing their typical freshness.

Each line of fresh pasta keeps its components intact in a natural way, thus succeeding in blending into each preparation and restoring that rare flavor of craftsmanship that makes each dish unique and unforgettable.

Prepared Sauces

At Quore we make some as timeless recipes for Sughi Pronti from the Italian regional culinary tradition.

Typical are the Stockfish Sauce, prepared according to the famous as well as unique recipe of the local gastronomy, and the Moscioli Sauce prepared with the most peculiar criteria to safeguard the Slow Food Presidium of Mosciolo di Portonovo.

In addition to White and Red Fish Sauces, preserving the most traditional recipes, we prepare with the required care and attention the Ragù Marchigiano – a sauce rich in a great variety of meats used – and Ragù alla Bolognese, recognized Italian and international culinary heritage.

To which we flank preparations such as Mushroom Sauce or other entirely vegetarian ones such as Sauces and Vegetable-based Preparations.


At Quore we are dedicated to creating true types of bakery products.

We use only 100% Italian and unrefined flours. We prefer ancient flours rich in fiber and bran to ensure healthier and more genuine product processing.

In the premises equipped with the most modern specific equipment, we produce White and Wholemeal Filetta, Ciabatta, Rye Bread, Sandwiches with examples of Turmeric and Lemon, Tomato, Spinach doughs.

By the way, our Piadinas (without lard) and Breadsticks are Vegan.

We also prepare the typical Pizza di Formaggio and Calcioni Marchigiani filled with Pecorino cheese and lemon zest: a typical gastronomic specialty of the Easter holidays, they are appreciated all year round, managing to combine sweet and savory flavors in a balanced way.

We also produce through expert craftmanship, Pinsa, pizzette and salted breads, which, among other things, make up some of our extensive Catering offerings.

Sweets and Bakery

At Quore we produce a wide variety of sweet choices ranging from the most classic Biscuit tradition to typical holiday preparations paying special care and dedication to the quality of raw materials and the preservation of recipes.

Some examples of the lines we offer are: Quore brand Biscotteria with Cantucci and Frollini, Traditional Cicerchiata, Zeppole, Castagnole, Frappe, Tarts, Lactose-free Carrot Cakes and Semifreddi.

Attention and passion translate into the fragrance of aromas and taste that our cakes preserve and release.

You can also choose among the Tailor-made Pastries and Cakes for parties, birthdays and any occasion where the sweet part becomes the tasty and artistic co-star of the event.

Tailor-made lines

At Quore, research and study of the most typical local recipes combined with development and innovation allow us to come up with made-to-measure lines that enhance the raw material and insert and enrich the variety in our product offerings.

Among the proposals, we highlight: Bio Line, Street Food Line and Finger Food Line.

The Bio Line is based on the agri-food canons governing the authenticity and territoriality of organic products. Designed for this line are Vegetarian and Vegan dishes such as Burgers and Meatballs, Cous Cous made with Quinoa or the original proposal of Baked Vegetable Ratatouille.

The Street Food Line is designed to emphasize the distinctive way of being able to enjoy multifarious regional gastronomies in the informality of the street. A heritage of every culture, Quore’s street food is particularly focused on seafood: therefore we offer the Piadina Sardoncina and Codfish Nuggets. Accompanied by our own dips such as Citronette Sauce, Honey and Mustard Sauce and Soy and Ginger Sauce.

The Finger Food Line was born as the main proposal for our Catering. Research and different interpretations make this line particularly creative and varied in its offerings. These include: the Cuttlefish Black Tartlet with Swordfish Carpaccio and Grapefruit, the Empanadas Mignon with Carpegna Crudo and Vegetables from the Garden, and the Homemade Cream Puffs with various fillings.’